Thursday, 23 June 2016

Back from Holiday!

We're back from our walking holiday in East Lothian. We took a camera, so watch for photos. We visited many pre-Reformation village churches. When they were unlocked, we went in and sang "Salve Regina", heedless of the evidence indicating that they have been cared for by Calvinists since 1560 or whatever.


  1. Oh how lovely those old churches were filled with the sound of the Salve Regina again! :) So glad you had a good holiday. Interested to hear your thoughts on the Brexit result!

  2. Please please can you turn this into a longer reasonably personal essay? some sort of 'Meeting Ourselves Looking Back' Piece, but one that could go online in the Catholic Herald? Feeling especially... emue et deçu, today - but I really really liked that paragraph the first few times I read it too.

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