Friday, 2 December 2016

Joseph Pearce on Polish Nationalism

Well, this is a very interesting column which somehow slipped my radar when it came out. I'm sorry now that the Catholic Herald's combox is no more, for I would have liked to have read the response. (Oh, there's one here.)

As far as I know, Joseph Pearce is the most high-profile author to have written an op ed inspired by my reportage (see the grey box in the middle). Sometimes I wallow in gloom that I am not leading a particularly productive life recently, but then I see something like this and I see that I have at least contributed to a few important conversations about Catholics, Catholic cultures and national identity.

What makes Pearce's discussion really fascinating is that he used to be a leading member of Britain's National Front (now the British National Party) and rejected racism when he became a Catholic. This means he of all people has to think and speak very carefully when it comes to issues touching upon European nationalism. Very interesting indeed.

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