Monday, 6 February 2017

Dancing Snowflakes

I am just so in love with my native city right now. Yesterday I took the bus early downtown, took another bus and had brunch with my friend Trish in one of the many College-and-Bathurst area brunch spots. As we munched I watched snow swirl around outside. It was so incredibly relaxing. The brunch place was done up to look like a Canadian holiday cottage--vintage hockey posters on the walls, vintage signs--bilingual even. There was a basket of racquets in the loo--I mean, the washroom.

I've been travelling around the city for three days to meet siblings and friends, and it hasn't been the least bit stressful. On Friday after Mass I went to the Catholic Register offices, took a pal there to lunch, and then went to west Queen West to visit Trish in her amazing flat/backyard theatre. I was home in time for dinner, and my youngest sister dropped by to help eat it. 

On Saturday, I visited my other sister's new condo, I did a little toy shopping, I met my youngest brother for lunch on the Danforth, and I zipped across town to see my pal Lily and her little ones. I was home in time for dinner again. 

After Sunday morning brunch with Trish, she drove me to Holy Family on King Street West for the Missa Cantata. After Mass, I greeted friends from high school days and met their ninth child, an adorable infant. I also met a long-time blog reader, and we were on the same bus to Roncesvalles where, for once, I didn't buy Polish stuff: just more toys. I popped by Lily's, but the family is down with the 'flu, so I went home and finished writing an Ancient Greek test for my charges back in Scotland.  My youngest brother came for Sunday supper, and afterwards my dear old prom date dropped by for a cup of tea and a chat. 

The backdrop to all this has been the cold--a refreshing, dry cold--and the beautiful snow. Whenever I see the fat white flakes solemnly descending in utter silence, I am in awe. Then, when the wind whips them up into a swirling dance, my heart fills with joy. I had forgotten just how beautiful snowfall is.


  1. Ah you are just round the lake from me. On a clear day I can see Toronto from the end of my street, atop the Niagara escarpment, even though I am twelve miles south of the shore. Enjoy! We are having a mild winter this year.

  2. Do you live in the Hammer? I love the Hammer!

  3. I must say I never thought of Toronto's cold as especially dry before. Memories of frozen wet toes from its always damp, slushy snow haunt me still. Then I remembered that you now live in Edinburgh, and said 'Well, now, that explains it...' to myself.


  4. That sounds so lovely!!

    We've been going back and forth between the 50s/rain and 20s/snow basically all winter. :P

  5. I am loving your posts about home!