Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Boo to 1963

Stylish Toronto women playing hockey in 1910.
I have a well-worked out theory that 1963 is to blame for our decadent age, or that society took a serious downturn that year. In this I am rather later in my calculations than people who blame the First World War for the decline and fall of Christendom.

At any rate, I have found fuel for my theory in this interesting website. 1963 burst into fashion and other aspects of culture like a bomb.

In madder moments,  I swear that I will never wear any fashion designed later than 1962. However, this is simply unworkable, especially as I am so dependent on my indestructible denim maxi-skirt of feminine traddery. And then there are all those other long skirts, which are surely relics of or inspired by the 1970s.

Oh, heavens. No, they're from the late 1960s! Eeek!

What I really want is for the 1910 look to come back, only without corsets.


  1. The recent film version of Testament of Youth is not only very chaste and holistically pro-life but every outfit Alicia Vikander gets to wear is completely swoon-worthy. After watching it I found there are plenty of turn of the century dressmaking patterns available on etsy,

  2. Ooooh! This is good to know before my mother gets here for her summer sojourn. She is the dressmaker around here.