Sunday, 26 June 2016

Edinburgh Film Festival

So I dressed up and went off without B.A. to the Filmhouse for the 9 PM showing of "Córki Dancingu", which turns out to be--well, not Polish mermaid slasher porn, but if I were a guy I'd probably have to go to confession before Mass tomorrow. The Polish lady behind me marched out, taking her Scottish date, right after the mermaid breastfeeding tableau. From the remarks fizzing behind me earlier, I gather my neighbour wasn't happy about the semi-comic musical lesbian communist cop scene either.

My favourite lines--delivered by a merman (I think)-- were "They're just humans. We're here on vacation." I shall remember this when I am also in Warsaw on vacation although not (like the mermaids) working in a strip club.

Anyway, after the fairy tale ending (not a Disney fairy tale ending), I got on the Rough Bus and soon after me a jakey (Scottish drunk) did too and then there was a barney (trouble) and some pushing and a lot of Scottish shouting and I got up and sat beside a brave man who tried with some success to make peace. He (the brave peacemaker) looked (and sounded) like either one of the Proclaimers.

Really, if you're wondering what women without children do on Saturday nights, believe me, you are better off where you are. At any rate, you are better off NOT on the Rough Bus--and perhaps several other buses--in Edinburgh on a Saturday night after 10:30 PM.

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