Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Housework & AL

I am up to my ears in housework and have nothing to say.

Except that I find the latest Amoris Laetitia news--and the lame responses of bishops--very distressing. If I have this right, Argentinian priests are to sneak those married-and-divorced-and-remarried-without-an-annulment communion secretly while breaking down the resistance of other Catholics to such sacrilege. Or do I complete misunderstand the goad to "grow in a spirit of understanding and welcome"?

I suspect we are working with two different--and opposed--sets of Eucharistic theology here. Oh and never mind the theology of marriage. And of reconciliation. That's three whole sacraments dragged into question. Oh, and the sacrament of orders, too. What devout Catholic would become a priest knowing that he might be ordered under pain of obedience to administer the sacrament sacrilegiously?

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