Monday, 7 November 2016

Visited Family Graveyard

My plans to visit the principal Catholic cemetery in Edinburgh on Nov 1 or 2 were all for naught, so today I dropped by Dalry Cemetery to pay respects to my grandmother's grandfather, wherever he may be. Dalry is a wreck of a cemetery, and I shudder when I imagine what the Poles must think of it.

One year I hope I come across my ancestor Andrew's gravestone, but it may be that the family couldn't afford such frills back when Victoria was Queen. My mother still holds the title deed to her great-grandfather's plot, so developers had better not get any ideas.

I think Dalry's dead will be allowed to lie in peace: the "Commonwealth Graves".i.e. soldiers' and war nurses'  graves, do get some upkeep. All the same, even on a sunny, golden-leafed day like today, the cemetery is a melancholy sight.

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