Saturday, 22 April 2017

Okay, I Laughed But... I feel bad for laughing. Darn you, Rorate Caeli!

Stop me if I repeat too often the story about the visiting Irish bishop who ended his Toronto St. Patrick's Day sermon by emoting that Ireland would never, ever give up the Faith. I believe that was in 1996. I was terribly impressed.

Not Funny At All: Rorate also reveals that Trads don't eat meat on any Friday that doesn't fall a big solemnity, even Easter Friday. Oops. Still, one may feast, so next Easter Friday we will have lobster.... Um... do we like lobster?  There's no point feasting with salmon in Scotland because zzzzzzz. Unless, of course, one is very poor. (I am reading about food poverty in the UK.)


  1. Honestly, I don't really get these great big priest retreats. They do them in my home diocese and there's no Mass for three days. But for Limerick - well maybe it will coax some more people out to the EF.
    And for Rorate and Easter Friday - I think they're just trying to out-trad everyone else. Like someone said in reply on Twitter - if you're going with that line of logic, a real trad would also abstain on Saturdays. I had had this question before, and FSSP priest said Easter friday is not abstinent (I do take rorate's point about Pentecost ember), and the oratory has it in big print as well.

  2. I remember serving coffee to a whole crowd of priests before or after they heard confessions at my high school, and they were smoking, chatting and guffawing like there was no tomorrow. I got the impression many of them had been classmates at the seminary, and also that they were pleased as punch to see each other. Thus, I am greatly sympathetic to priests hanging out with priests offstage (as it were), but it does seem odd that they would do that at the expense of daily Mass.

    Okay, if the FSSP is chowing down on bigos (for example) on Easter Friday, I will go back to feeling happy about it again. I prefer to think that Easter joy cancels out even Friday fasting! Imagine if there were Friday fasting in heaven. That would just make no sense whatsoever.

  3. I would be greatly interested in learning more about life in Scotland! Perhaps there could be some posts occasionally about places off the beaten path? I recently read about the Isle of Eigg and was intrigued. Well, that may be a bit out of the way, but even places closer to Edinburgh would be interesting to those of us from faraway who may have the opportunity to visit Scotland only once or twice. I never really thought about how salmon in Scotland would be considered zzzzz....

    1. Salmon, salmon, everywhere. But I would be happy to report from off the beaten path. When B.A. is feeling better, we will do some hikes around the countryside. Of course, I may do some nice walks myself.