Monday, 28 March 2016

Mopping Up the Blood on Easter Monday

Please pray for the Christians killed and maimed by a suicide bomber in Pakistan yesterday and for their families. Those killed are probably martyrs and those wounded confessors for Pakistan is really not the most comfortable country in which to be a Christian.

My Facebook is filled with Easter greetings from Christian friends and anti-Christian Easter jokes and insults from non-Christian friends. Presumably the latter know not what they do. 

We might also pray for the missing Father Thomas Uzhunalil, as there is no evidence as yet that he was crucified by ISIS over the weekend. It is being reported that he was, but there is as yet no evidence for this. 

Sorry for this downer. Later a rather more cheerful Easter post will appear. My Easter Day was quite a happy one. 


  1. So sad!!

    And yikes about your non-Christian friends!! I can't understand why anyone feels the need to insult something that does not even involve them. :P Phooey!

  2. Ah, they think it involves them, though, as they are proud post-Christians who want to eat their Easter chocolate but spit on Easter, too. And newspapers such as the UK's "Independent", which tweeted "Happy Easter" attached to an article called "Believing in God is Bad for Your Brain", just encourage this.

  3. Yikes!!! Sigh. I don't understand people at all sometimes.