Sunday, 17 April 2016

A Rare Prayer Request

Update (April 21): "George" is feeling much better, having spoken to his spiritual director. Another prayer for "George", please, as he talks to the next person with whom he needs to speak!

Dear Readers,

I have just found a very moving email from a sad seminarian. Would you please all pray for him right now? He signed with the name "George", which is not his real name, but the Almighty will understand who you mean.

Prayers from priests especially welcome!

Thank you very much.

Update: And could you add one for my married friend, a man we'll call J? He wrote the second email of note.


  1. Thank you! Both emails expressed acute unhappiness.

  2. Will pray for both George & J. Hoping J's unhappiness is not related to his spouse (not asking - respect their privacy!), as George can always leave the seminary, but marriage is permanent commitment, even if he spouses have to live apart for some reason...

    At least they have asked for help/prayers/support. The church does seem to rely on individuals like yourself helping Mrs Mac, rather than having any organised program of support for people in crisis (even just a list of counselors would be good).

    You may recall I know someone (lapsed Catholic) whose (atheist/agnostic) husband ditched her and their infant several months back. At the time (and kinda still), I really wanted a faithful Catholic counsellor or 'aunty' who could talk to her both as a Catholic and as a married woman - a single bloke may understand at an academic level but we don't seem to convey the right kind of empathy needed in such situations.

    Thankfully, her spouse has returned and they are working on reconciliation. What he did was about as bad as you can do, and worse than probably what you're thinking, so it shows that prayer does bring hope! :)

    So, hopefully all our prayers will convince Heaven to intervene and help George and J...


  3. Some dioceses have a "Catholic Family Services" which can be very helpful indeed. As for individuals, well, I DO have an M.Div., so it would be a waste if I never drew on those skills at all. Dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of laypeople must graduate from Catholic M.Div. programs every year.... Hmm...All that training. Of course, presumably most of them get proper lay ministry jobs!