Friday, 2 September 2016

Save the Historic Field

Conservation in Scotland does have its challenges, that is for sure. See below.

Brunstane Fields are the last piece of Green Belt land preventing the coalescence of Edinburgh, Musselburgh and Newcraighall village. Building on them would damage the local environment, harm biodiversity, spoil the setting of the historic Brunstane House and the Newhailes Estate, and greatly exacerbate the traffic congestion on key routes (including the A1, which runs to the west of the Fields). The projected increase in traffic on Newcraighall Road is around 60% - which more than twice the impact of any other housing site identified in the Local Plan. Building almost 2,000 new houses in this small space will create severe traffic congestion across the local area - with an attendant increase in air pollution and in the risk of accidents.

 Go HERE for the whole story.


  1. Do I detect here how the Earl of Grunstane got his name?

    It would be a pity if they built these houses and you lost your beautiful surroundings. Is there any real chance to stop this?

  2. Yes, that is why there is a fundraising campaign!

  3. I'm very much on your side, especially having seen the photos. I hope you win, and I hope to be able to contribute a bit to the cause soon.

    alias clio