Tuesday, 2 February 2016

helo it is me the inner child

helo it is me the inner child and i am feeling dolful. evryone is mad a me becus i did not finish the bodis riper instead stoping rite at the crushal moment when littel proodens seems to be confessing her luv to the striken hewbert. my outer adult has xplained to me that this is very very wikked and an outrayjus thing to do to reeders and her reedership has sufered becoz of my intransijents. i think intransijents was the word she used.

i dont think it was fair she blamed me when the falt is obveeuslie hers i told her i cannot work if she is in yuk yuk skool. no man kan serv 2 masters you must luv the one and not learn po-lish. i kno a laydie very well edukated who had many children and was so depressed becos her brane was so underused and in desperayshun she turned to ryting fixion. if she had turned to po-lish there wud be no fixion. po-lish is a kurs on literchur.

ba agrees with me he almost dyed when my outer adult said sumthing about rushan at edinburah uni. what rusha and literchur hav to do with eech other is a mistry to me. ok i am working on the bodis riper now but just to put off shoping for an our.

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