Monday, 25 July 2016

Fishwrap Names Pal

The names of the theologians who allegedly asked the Cardinals to bring to Pope Francis their concerns regarding false understandings of doctrine that might arise from Amoris Laetitia have been published in an American newspaper of dubious orthodoxy.  One of the theologians named is a close personal friend of B.A.'s and mine, and if it turns out he really did sign, then we will be as proud as punch.

Here are the names of the alleged signers. You may recognize some of them:

 Dr. Jose Tomas Alvarado; Rev. Fr. Scott Anthony Armstrong PhD; Rev. Claude Barthe; Rev. Ray Blake; Fr. Louis-Marie de Blignieres FSVF; Dr. Philip Blosser; Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro Carambula, STD, JD; Rev. Fr. Thomas Crean OP, STD; Fr. Albert-Marie Crignion FSVF; Robert de Mattei; Cyrille Dounot JCL; Fr. Neil Ferguson OP, MA, BD; Dr. Alan Fimister STL, PhD; Luke Gormally; Carlos A. Casanova Guerra; Rev. Brian W. Harrison OS, MA, STD; Rev. Simon Henry BA (Hons), MA; Rev. John Hunwicke; Peter A. Kwasniewski PhD, Philosophy; Dr. John R.T. Lamont STL, D.Phil; Fr. Serafino M. Lanzetta, PhD; Dr. Anthony McCarthy; Rev. Stephen Morgan D.Phil (Oxon); Don Alfredo Morselli STL; Rev. Richard A. Munkelt PhD; Fr. Aidan Nichols OP, PhD; Fr. Robert Nortz MMA, STL; Rev. John Osman MA, STL; Christopher D. Owens STL (Cand.); Dr. Paolo Pasqualucci; Dr. Claudio Pierantoni; Fr. Anthony Pillari JCL (Cand.); Prof. Enrico Maria Radaell; Dr. John C. Rao D.Phil (Oxford); Fr. Reginald-Marie Rivoire FSVF; Rt. Rev. Giovanni Scalese CRSP, SThL, DPhil; Dr. Joseph Shaw; Dr. Anna M. Silvas FAHA; Michael G. Sirilla, PhD; Professor Dr. Thomas Stark; Rev. Glen Tattersall; Giovanni Turco; Fr. Edmund Waldstein OCist.; Nicholas Warembourg.
 Here is my own comparatively unimportant opinion of AL, written to deadline after one very long, hurried read. 

UPDATE: No need to go to Fishwrap; the Catholic Herald has weighed in. And our buddy has indeed signed, so we are proud of him. 

UPDATE 2  (July 28): And Dr Shaw has released a new statement on the matter.


  1. I know several of those guys. They are the salt of the earth. I thought the article at the Herald wasn't bad, but I shouldn't have read the commentary. People are so unintelligent!

  2. For me it's a handy list of people whose writings are going to be both insightful and orthodox!