Friday, 15 July 2016

Poor France

Horrible news from Nice this morning.

The next time a Catholic cleric tries to implicate Catholics or Catholicism in Islam-inspired violence (as at Orlando, as in the expression "Catholic Taliban"), I will be really furious.

Meanwhile, my heart aches for the French, especially my friends and acquaintances in the French traditionalist movements.

I noticed from Facebook that (now) majority-Muslim countries that suffer from Islam-inspired violence  (like Turkey) are disappointed when the western world does not express the same grief for them as it does for France. Perhaps they do not understand the role France has played in western history and the western imagination. For one thing, France is the mother of Canada (Britain the father) and of parts of the USA. France is England's closest friend when she is not England's worst enemy and shares a strong bond with Scotland. Western civilization without the contributions of France is hardly to be imagined.

An attack on France is an attack on western civilization, which is no doubt why the jihadi bastards keep attacking France.

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