Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Norcia Needs Our Help

Latest Update: Hilary White reports from Norcia. Absolutely harrowing.


Umbria has suffered a catastrophic earthquake. The epicentre was ten kilometres from St. Benedict's birthplace of Norcia (Nursia), and the nearby town of Amatrice was half-destroyed.  The Benedictines of Norcia didn't suffer any serious injuries, but their monastery and the church has taken damage.

Please consider donating to the Benedictines of Norcia here or to some agency assisting the devastated villagers of Umbria.  I will ask around and find out what those agencies are. Obviously Italy is not at the top of the list of worldwide disaster relief organizations. 

I am terribly, terribly, terribly cheap--ask any of my ex-boyfriends--no, actually, don't--but even I managed to whip out ye olde credit card and  give to the Benedictines of Norcia.  If you prefer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, well, these are our Benedictine monks, if you know what I mean. Charity begins at home, and if you're a trad who's been to Norcia.... Well, I don't even have to finish that thought.

Update: A friend suggests Caritas Italia but also the Monks of Norcia. If you want your money to go directly to Umbrian quake survivors, it may be a good idea to donate to the monks but make a note on the donation form that the money is for devastated townsfolk. It is actually physically difficult for rescuers to get to the mountain towns of Umbria, so it looks like the locals themselves are digging through the ruins for survivors.

Update 2: If you donate to Caritas Italia, specify that the money is for the earthquake victims with the words “Colletta terremoto centro Italia” (central Italy earthquake collection)".  More information: 

The Church which is in Italy joins in prayer for all the victims, and expresses fraternal closeness to the populations involved in this tragic event. The dioceses, parish networks, religious institutions, and lay groups are invited to alleviate the difficult conditions in which the persons are forced to live. For this purpose, the president of the CEI announces a national collection, to be held in Italian Churches on 18 September 2016, coinciding with the 26th National Eucharistic Congress, as the fruit of charity which comes from it, and the participation in all the concrete needs of the affected population.
The donated collections will be promptly sent to Caritas Italiana, Via Aurelia 796 - 00165 Roma, using the current postal account # 347013, or by bank transfer of the Banca Popolare Etica, via Parigi 17, Roma – Iban: IT 29 U 05018 03200 000000011113, specifying the reason: “Colletta terremoto centro Italia” (central Italy earthquake collection).

 In addition, please pray for the dead and wounded.

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