Tuesday, 2 August 2016

See the Scottish Catholic Observer...

It is Traddy Tuesday, but I wrote two articles from a traditional perspective in the past three days, and I now am all tradded out.  I am tempted only to write inanities about the really pretty dresses in Polish films of the late 1950s. Why do today's women prefer to look like sticks than like bells?

Whenever I look from the bus down upon Princes Street, I see hoards of people just scissoring along in their drab, dark outfits. The biggest different between men and women is that men don't wear leggings. In the Middle Ages men wore skin-tight leggings to show off the shape of their legs, and now it is women who do this, even when the shape is clearly "waffle cone".

The photo is from a Polish film called  Do Widzenia, Do Jutra  ("Good-bye, See You Tomorrow"), which I watched on Saturday night while my mother was at an open-air performance of Hamlet and my husband was at Vigil Mass. If you take to post-war Polish Film as a way of combating pseudo-intellectuals at department parties, it is a must-see. If you are studying Polish, you will be charmed that the principal female character is French and has a very imperfect understanding of Polish. (She regularly forgets to add the 'się', which is indeed something with which all learners will identify.) The poor hero falls back on his halting schoolboy French whereas his friends chat the girl up in advanced French and fluent English. Oh dear. How like life.

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  1. 'When the shape is clearly "waffle cone"'!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I know, right??? (Although I had to look up 'waffle cone' first.)