Monday, 24 October 2016

Where Every Day is Polski Piątek

This will be of interest only to Polish readers and fellow students of Polish: I have started a website for my Polish club here. It will hopefully remain uncontroversial, as club members are united solely by our interest in becoming fluent in Polish. Insofar as this is possible, we don't discuss religious matters, politics or our views on sexual morality.

Naturally, we share an aversion to the partitions of Poland, the German invasion of 1939, the Soviet invasion of 1939, Stalinism, and, I suspect, Soviet-style communism in general.  We also share some interest in Polish Christian holidays. Sexual morality has not come up in club conversations, if only because our reading material has been about a lost dog and then about the Warsaw Uprising. During the Warsaw Uprising, lost dogs were more interesting than sexual morality as they were edible.

If I took a poll, I think we would all agree that the Polish victory over the Soviets in 1920 was a good thing. Indeed, I think we will all participate in happy accord as long as our politics never venture past 1990.

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