Monday, 25 January 2016

Appeal to Mr Russell Lewis

To:  Russell Lewis
From: Dorothy McLean
Re: "Endeavour" Series 3 Finale

Dear Mr Lewis,

Please allow Morse to have at least one happy day with Joan Thursday. Even if afterwards Joan is trampled by a wildebeest or shot in a train robbery or blown up by the IRA, it would be nice to see Morse totally and incandescently happy for even just half of one episode.

Consider the joy allowed to the Tenth Doctor by Russell T. Davies, and the marital bliss bestowed upon  the contemporary Doctor Watson  by Messrs Gatiss, Moffat and Thompson.

I assure you that no-one will think the less of Morse if he is permitted one sunlit afternoon having a picnic with Joan by a river, be it the Cherwell, the Thames, the Seine or any one of many other potential bodies of water. Or perhaps, reflecting the changing opportunities for women in the 1960s, the two may be permitted to drive together at top speed from one end of this sceptered isle to the other.

Cordially yours,


  1. That last scene: so heartbreaking.

  2. I couldn't sleep afterwards and then woke up at 2 AM and couldn't sleep again. My Nerves were in a terrible state. How pathetic to be so worried about a fictional character. The best British television writers are evil geniuses.

  3. Geniuses indeed. We watched it last night (Monday) as we had to wait for some kind pirate to put it online (don't worry, we will watch it again when it comes to PBS and also put it on Christmas lists next year- definitely want to support the making of great television!). I've been thinking of it ever since, too- and it wouldn't be as tragically great if they'd ever had one proper date. He didn't realize he loved her until she realized she would have a life spent worrying about him.

    What do you think of Strange and Bright this series? And Fred Thursday's moral dilemmas?

    1. We missed the last episode of the last series and the first of this series, so there are some gaps in my knowledge, e.g. how Thursday got shot. However, Thursday seems to have been dying for weeks, which must be colouring everything he does.

      I'm glad Bright is a lot more than the cliche-spouting old guy he seemed when he first showed up. It turns out he's a wise old leader who knows one heck of a lot. He was definitely the hero of the tiger episode. But I will never like Strange again because he joined the Masons as his ticket to advancement, which means he is their boy--no man can have two masters.

    2. Find the last episode of last series online somewhere- I think that's why Bright is no longer the cliche spouting old guy. It's a great episode. You learn a lot about sgrt Jakes too.

      Its interesting and sad to see Strange trying to stay a friend to Morse and act morally while playing the game, especially given where he ends up in Inspector Morse. This also comes up at the end of series 2, where the corruption of the masons comes to a head.