Sunday, 31 January 2016

Edinburgh Sunday Cool

The McLeans ducked into Edinburgh's new West End café "Noir" this Sunday before Mass. (Hitherto, the beautiful Palmerston Place building housed a typical Starbucks -- ugh.)

We knew from previous visits that Noir's treatment of the heritage interior is superb and the coffee delicious. However, today the music, too, was fantastic. In place of the rap and heavy metal clichés that had marred our first visits was brilliant, swinging, old school jazz.

"Django Reinhardt," said Benedict Ambrose at once, seriously impressing his wife. She knew, of course, that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of classical music, but jazz, too?

The friendly barista likewise approved.

If you have to be in the West End once a week and can't always get your hit of caffeine goodness at hipster "Brew Lab" on South College Street, Noir provides an excellent café experience--at least when they break out the classic jazz.  Well done, them.


  1. Totally Cool in every way! When my son, who lives in NYC and is a jazz bassist,next plays in Edinburgh, I will give you notice!