Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Self-Defense in Denmark--a Bargain at £50

News this morning: a seventeen year old girl in Denmark was thrown to the ground by an English-speaking foreigner who tried to remove her trousers. She fought back by spritzing him with pepper spray, and he ran off.

The kicker is that she will probably be fined the equivalent of £50 for having been carrying pepper spray.

One can throw all kinds of fits, or one can ponder what will happen if would-be rapists decide to add pepper spray to their arsenal of weapons against women. On the one hand, one can certainly sympathize with women in increasingly dangerous cities carrying pepper spray in case they are, as was this girl, attacked by a sexual predator. On the other hand, one does not like the idea of men using pepper spray to attack women--or, indeed, drunken women attacking innocent men with pepper spray just cuz.

Outraged Danes have volunteered en masse to pay the girl's fine, and perhaps this is the best solution--besides, of course, better policing. Consider those car owners who are so rich, they park wherever they like and just pay their fines as one of their monthly expenses.  And then consider the woman who so badly doesn't want to be raped, she is willing  to pay her self-defense fines as one of her own monthly expenses. Of course,  as the whole reason for having a state and taxation in the first place--the primary argument for giving up part of your wages to the national bean-counters, which means (in effect) slave labour for up to eight months a year--is protective services for you and your family, so it is quite annoying that the state has so obviously failed in providing protective services to European women in the past few months. But then what's another £50 next to the life-long trauma caused by a stranger tearing off your clothes and ripping up your vaginal canal?*

Naturally such stories harden British hearts even more firmly against the rapist-enabling European Union. As nobody in charge on the Continent seems to know what to do about tens of thousands of illegal aliens arriving en masse and without identification, the Island might be forgiven for rejoicing in its insularity.

*Note to men: You know how in crime shows, the forensic pathologists always say things like "There's no sign of rape"/"She had intercourse shortly before death, but there's no sign she was unwilling"? They're talking about what happens to women's vaginal canals when the women who possess them don't want to "have sex" but are forced to anyway.


  1. Pepper spray is legal to carry in the U.S. (I have a cannister, a gift from my brother, attached to my key chain), and I've never heard of it being used by men against women. I'm not sure why, but it just doesn't seem to be a problem. Perhaps it's because carrying pepper spray is perceived as something that only vulnerable people do, and men don't want to think of themselves as vulnerable?

  2. I must find out what is legal to carry in any European country I am likely to be in. Hitherto I have taken a very "stranger rape is relatively rare, what's important is what men you associate with" and "try to avoid wooded areas" point of view.

    This is interesting. Dear me. Let's not get obsessed with this stuff. The one and only time I was personally assaulted in Europe it was by a big noisy group of men just whacking and snatching as they marched by. Nothing I could have done about that except paid more attention, seen them coming and crossed the street (or ducked into a shop).