Friday, 11 March 2016

Justin and the Culture of Death Reblog

My post on Canadian euthanasia was reproduced by flattering old Quadrapheme. Give them a click to make them happy. This reminds me that they asked me for a post about Brighton Rock. Stay tuned.

Only a strangely misinformed Catholic Canadian (or American for that matter) would vote for a Catholic politician because he was a baptized Catholic who went to Catholic school. Not to throw stones at all the priests and bishops in Ottawa, but some priest(s) and/or bishop(s) in Ottawa gave Trudeau Pere, Martin Fils , John Turner and Jean Chretien extremely bad counsel. One doubts Trudeau Fils bothered to ask a priest for spiritual advice, but woe to whatever priests are sucking up to him instead of ticking him off.

Update: Ottawa, I apologize.Apparently it was not all your fault. 

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