Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothering Sunday

It is Mothering Sunday in the UK. Hopefully the American and Canadian innovation of separating the mums from the mumps, applauding the former while ignoring the sad faces of the latter, has not taken root there.

However, if it does, recall the teaching of Saint John Paul II that all women are called to be mothers, spiritual if not physical, and so some of that applause rightly belongs to you. If you know some, encourage the nuns to stand, and then stand with them. If the priests are going to innovate, perhaps we women should innovate on the innovations and ALL stand for the applause/blessing/confetti throwing.

Feel free also to take the rose/carnation from the questioning usher with a sweet smile and the words "I'm a spiritual mother." Okay, that's only if you are 21 and over. If you are under 21, behave yourself.
Update: Of course, it goes without saying you have to honour your mother on Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day. Why not honour your spiritual mothers in some way too?

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