Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Funny Because True

H/T Cusack (who reminded me of such things) &

Alphadesigner Art

See also


Update (Wednesday): A Polish reader objects to the idea that the first map is 100% accurate, when in his estimation it is only entirely correct about the former Polish Empire, frightened France, the impious UK,  unspeakable Germany, wicked Russia and, er, quirky Romania. Not enough care has been taken regarding northernmost Europe, for example.

The maps, of course, are not infallible. For example, and speaking as one who knows, Poland according to Germany is not "Vegetables" but once again"Car Thieves." And Germany according to "The Vatican" is surely not "Blond Boys" but "Money." Actually, Germany is "Money" to the whole EU except the UK, for whom "Dirty Porn" basically sums it up--except for the Teutonophiles, of course, who think "Wagner-Goethe-Schiller" and are now chanting "Merkel, Merkel, Merkel, Raus, Raus, Raus!"

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