Saturday, 27 February 2016

Honours for the Dishonourable

I am absolutely horrified by Pope Francis' praise for Emma Bonino.

Can I even begin, as a Canadian, to imagine Saint John Paul II calling Henry Morgentaler* "one of the great ones of Canada"?


For years--with one or two exceptions--I have done my best to avoid writing about Pope Francis, but when this pontificate ends, I don't want to be listed among those who kept silent. I didn't mind before, but when the Holy Father calls someone who helped murder my generation in Italy "great", remaining silent is no longer charity and prudence is a mask for cowardice.

Denzinger-Bergolio provides food for thought.

This is one of those times in which there is no substitute for the nominative first person singular. I. Am. Horrified.

*The laudatory article, by Morgantaler's biographer, was deliberately chosen, so you can see how praise for such a man makes your flesh creep--especially at the end.


  1. Well that article on Morgantaler makes me want to throw-up. Besides the abortion, he sounds like a man you wouldn't want to know or work with.

  2. Ugh. This is sooooooo effing depressing.

  3. Truthfinder, I quite agree. The last line particularly was just so ... ew. Julia, yes, it is. There is no sugarcoating it. However, we must keep calm and Catholic on.

  4. Yeh, even though he tried to pretend it was just about her 'secular' political career, Pope Francis can't dodge this quote:

    "...and [Pope Francis] admitted she thinks differently from us. “True, but never mind,” he said. “We have to look at people, at what they do.”

    If Francis was looking at what she did, he may just have noticed her career promoting abortion!

    The bishops should call him into line, like St Paul did to St Peter (over much lesser matters).

    Scandalous. Literally. He will have to answer for all those he misleads away from the truths of the faith.


    1. Sorry, link for article that the quote above was taken from:


  5. Dear Dorothy - I have been reading you for a number of years (Catholic Register and your blogs). Your recent experiment with avoiding writing in the first person can be at times quite difficult for readers like me who thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life, experiences,adventures,feelings, opinions. I would love to meet you in person one day, when you visit Toronto. It would be an honour for me - it is probably wishful I do not know how to pass on my email or phone number without making it public. I am a Polish female and Catholic, have lived in TO for over 2 decades. I am discovering the traditional Catholicism. I also read Ann Barnhardt/Hilary White and that is where I discovered your first blog Edinborough Housewife (to my relief) and now Historical House. My sister and I are admirers of your writing, your personality, your courage and your wonderful sense of humour.

  6. Dear Ewa, if you like, you can email me at I am in Quebec at the moment, but I will be back in Toronto on Saturday. I'll be free on Monday if you and your sister would like to meet me for a cup of coffee. I am often on Roncesvalles, so I would suggest we meet in a cafe there.

    1. Actually, that's, if that makes a difference.