Friday, 5 February 2016

Ghomeshi Trial in CWR

Be sure to leave comments. My editors love comments. Note the sad irony of Ghomeshi's pet cause and the exquisite irony of quoting Naomi Klein to underscore the sad irony of Ghomeshi's pet cause.

That very year (or maybe the next, 1993), my affronted eyes fell upon an illustration of one "1950s" woman warning another "1950s" woman about a "1950s" man waiting to take her on a date, "Be careful! He's anti-choice!" 

Irony, irony, irony. Well, it was the 1990s. Irony was big. There was even a graduate course on Irony taught at the University of Toronto by the "godmother of postmodernism" herself, Linda Hutcheon. She was very friendly and kind, as a matter of fact. Which, given the state of academic literary criticism at the time, is itself another irony.

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