Monday, 8 February 2016

The Five Wounds No Laughing Matter

Bad taste/probably-unintentional-blasphemy warning on this link to a pious cartoon.

My reaction to the cartoon is in this week's Toronto Catholic Register.


  1. Nice article D. I learn a little more about the faith every time I read your 'serious' posts.

    Oh, and to prove how dim I can be; it took me a moment to realise that wasn't a poem at the end of your CR article, but a vertical list of links to related articles. I mean, c'mon:

    "Banging on the doors of fortress Europe
    Preserving the beautiful stream
    It’s time for a new apostolic exhortation
    Solution for divorced Catholics is already there
    The case of the philandering bishop. "

    I was just pondering the segue from divorced Catholics to a philandering bishop when the penny dropped :)


  2. Ha! Perhaps the sub-editor is a secret poet and there is an internal logic to the headlines he chooses.