Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Chartres Pilgrimage

Benedict Ambrose, who has to work that weekend, alas, says I may go on the Chartres Pilgrimage. Let us see what the podiatrist says, for I have a wonky toe. The pod and I are going to look at it together soon and discuss its future and its implications for the rest of my foot.

Meanwhile, I have permission to tell you all about this new trad order: the DAUGHTERS of the Most Holy Redeemer. Their monastery is in New Zealand.


  1. New Zealand! Yes!


  2. :) Didn't know about the Daughters of the MHR - love it! Christchurch finally living up to its name...

    Please pray for the soul of the late Bishop Barry Jones of Christchurch, who recently died. He was the most orthodox of our bishops, and it shows in the level of faithful activity & number of active Catholics Christchurch seems to produce. Sadly I'm over 1000km away!

    We have cloistered Carmelites and Tyburn Benedictine nuns, and took our RCIA candidates to visit them a few years back. Both nuns & candidates loved it :)

    Not having gone to a Catholic high school, I don't know if they take the students on exposure tours of convents & monasteries, but from what I have heard, it is unlikely they do.

    A great shame, as I often see girls in their late teens at church who show signs of being great nuns (the boys have mostly vanished by then), but I doubt they get exposed to such excellent role models.

    Thanks for the heads up Mrs Mac. And Julia, we have open door migration, if you want to visit the Daughters ;)


    1. The 'no visas' thing between Aussies and Kiwis is pretty cool, right? I have heard that some people have suggested open borders between Australia, NZ, Canada and the UK, but I doubt that will happen.