Sunday, 3 April 2016

Left-Wing Slavs Rally to Kill Sub-humans

Oh la la. The left-wing part of my Polish acquaintance has gone bananas, freaking out all over Facebook. After Mass today I asked a more rightish young Pole why this was. The more rightist Pole said the new goverment had totally banned ab*rti*n--except in case of rape.

This turns out not to be true. The Polish government has just proposed toughening up the law. However, as you can imagine, the left-wing is mad as a sack of  rabid ferrets. Because, as we all know, when in doubt over whether or not a human being is really has the moral status of a human being, the best thing to do is just kill it. Him. Her. Whatever. (Sarc/off)

Update: Oh dear. The sick irony. Apparently the Polish pro-ab*rti*n movment has adopted the clothes-hanger as their symbol. So much so cliché--except the one I saw online was quite obviously a plastic or wooden one--with arms.

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